In an immensely competitive global landscape, talent mapping can support business needs on many different levels.

Talent Mapping

Our in-depth of global knowledge and expertise means that we can provide our clients with a detailed analysis of how their organisational capabilities compare to others in their sector and associated markets.

By utilising our extensive network we can then support them to best deliver their plans for the future by identifying the best internal and external talent.

The Process

The exercise can be as targeted or subtle as a client requires depending on the agreed outputs.

This can range from a need for multiple hires over a sustained period of time, to gathering data to support a drive towards gaining competitive advantage.

Projects are typically carried out over 3-12 months with agreed period check points and supported by detailed reporting and weekly communication.

The Steps

  • Identification of key individuals by sector / geography / function
  • Gathering of specific data and insights – company structures / reporting lines / strategy
  • Visibility into competitor remuneration packages – AVP / LTIP’s / Retention bonuses
  • Potential M&A activity
  • Identification of globally mobile executives
  • Improved employer brand penetration and recognition
  • Benchmarking internal talent